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Bresler Eitel is known throughout Milwaukee and beyond for its quality, service and selection. We offer the finest mouldings, which you won't find anywhere else in town. Our design staff will be happy to show you unique framing options at a variety of price points. Please visit us and you will see what sets us apart.


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Bresler Eitel Mouldings


A picture frame moulding provides structral support for the art, glazing and mats, but more than this, a carefully chosen frame accentuates the artwork and can coordinate with your interior space.

The mouldings directly below are all length mouldings. They are cut to size and assembled on site. They are generally less expensive than custom corner frames.

frame1 frame3 frame7
frame4 Silver Deco
frame6 frame5
hand patina lily frame20
frame21 sgraffito
basket weave


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